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Lake Okeechobee in Februrary with Scott Martin

Posted by admin on February 2, 2011

Well I just finished up three hard days of practice on Lake Okeechobee. I have been saying now for over six months that Lake Okeechobee is the best Lake in the country and this week proves it once again. The fishing here is seriously off the chart, every day in practice I could've had close to 30 pounds.  But the problem is most of the other anglers are catching close to the same type weight every day as well. It's funny to see how whenever you go to a great Lake and good fishing how every body is enthusiastic and eager to get on the water, Lots of smiles around here. This tournament will end up boiling down to the guys that can make adjustments on the water based on pressure and wind direction, as this is the case every year on Lake Okeechobee. I feel good about this event but I feel like I'm a little too one dimensional going into this….. (sight fish sight fish sight fish), that's all I can put together. I feel like to really walk away to with this event I needed to develop another strong pattern like flipping the matted vegetation in the spawning areas. I have gotten a few bites doing this, but not a lot, so my confidence right now is mainly in sight fishing….. Scary!

Well now it's time to get my boat and tackle ready and make sure all my waypoints in my Garmin units are all “spot on”. Making good decisions by stopping on the right size fish first will help in getting a big bag going early and that's what I'll need to do wellness event. I need to hit them hard keep on hitting….. This is going to be a slugfest.

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