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Big Bass on Tour with Scott Martin in February

Posted by admin on February 7, 2011

Well sorry guys I didn't keep up throughout the actual tournament days, crazy stuff around here …big bass flying out of the water all over the place…. Check this out, over 50 bags the first day of tournament over 20 pounds and the second day was virtually the same. I was fortunate enough to make the top 20 round or semi finals with a total weight of 44 lbs. 6 oz. for two days, that's over 22 pounds of bass a day and I was in only in 19th place. On the third day I knew I needed to catch a 25 pound bag of bass just to make the top 10 or final-round. I started the third day eager and excited about my opportunity, but was quickly let down after spending the first few hours not catching any good fish as I watched other anglers in the top 20 catching 6,7 and 8 pounds around me. Terry Scroggins and Glenn Brown were both catching them great, but I was getting the “Bobo” end of the deal as I call it. That's just how it goes sometimes… not as planned.

Around 12 o'clock I decided to make a run for it and look for some new fresh fish… If it wasn't over 5 pounds I didn't stop the boat, 17 to 20 pounds won't do me any good, I have to have 25 pounds.  As I cruised around over new water I spotted a few nice fish that would've helped me but it was hard to get them to bite so I opted to look for more aggressive fish this is a very nerve-racking way to fish…. It's, like that song ”should I stay or should I go”… By this time I don't have any nails left and start to realize that I'm running out of time. So with one hour left to fish I felt like my best chances of catching four or five big bass would be to go casting swim baits in the shallow grass around Clewiston…. I caught a few 2 1/2 pounders but nothing much better than that which again won't help me at all, so with that last big move or should I say “big dud” of a move it was time to head to the ramp…. The day is officially over. My five bass string or weight 11 1/2 pounds and dropped me to 20th Pl. in the tournament, which on any other Lake would be a decent finish…. But for me in my own backyard I am pretty disappointed.

Well I get a few weeks off before have to get ready to head to Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas, I think the lakes frozen right now and there's 3 feet of snow, sounds like a lot of fun….. Thanks for reading short cast, I'll be back soon.

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