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Hello again. It has been a few weeks since I last posted; I've been on the road traveling from tournament to tournament with very little time off in between. I am just finishing up the FLW tour schedule at Lake Hartwell in Georgia. What a great Lake. I tell you I'm very impressed with that lake and I hope that Lake Harwell is on the schedule every year. Some of the most fun events of the year are the ones that we fish on lakes that has a lot of different ways to catch them. Lake Harwell is one of those lakes. You can you run up the rivers in the muddy water or could go down by the dam where the water is clear. There are docks, laydowns, points and drops to fish on Hartwell.

Notes from the FLW Tour

Posted by admin on March 4, 2011

What's up guys, I just finished up with the first FLW tour event on Beaver Lake in Arkansas and finished at 67th Place with a total of 12 lbs. 15 oz. for two days. This is what you would call a ultra-tough tournament and I'm glad it is behind me. I'll be driving back to Florida with a check in my pocket, I always want to win every tournament I fish but to leave Beaver Lake with a check and some points is a good feeling. Beaver Lake is a highland reservoir and has given me some grief over the years. A few years ago I did really well and almost won this tournament with the football jig fishing the ledge rock going into the spawning pockets, but this tournament was a few weeks earlier and the set up quite a bit different. Beaver lake right now is about 10 foot low and the water temperatures are hovering around 45° in the main Lake and the back of the pockets were getting up to the low 50s.

New Garmin Products with Scott Martin

Posted by admin on February 25, 2011

What's going on guys wanted to fill you in on some cool new Garmin products. I've been running Garmin units for over 10 years and been fortunate enough to win over $1.2 million in bass tournaments mostly because of Garmin. Garmin electronics play a huge role not only in my everyday fishing but in my guiding and most importantly in my tournament fishing.  Everybody knows Garmin makes the best GPS’s  on the planet and now they can say they make some of the best depth finders. I spent the last few days testing some of the new Garmin Echo 550 C and I have to say I'm truly impressed. I spent a lot of time at Garmin's headquarters a few months back  with the engineering team discussing what we need this unit to do. The number one feature that I wanted the new Echo series to do is to show up a drop shot extremely well in mid-depth and deep water. Well, Garmin accomplish that and more… Let me tell you these units will show a drop shot better than any unit I have ever used. I did some pretty extensive testing in depths ranging down to about 40 feet, the echo line is showing up the drop shot with good hard returns in all depths.