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Each week Scott goes on the water with a new and exciting challenge against some of the nation’s top professional anglers, as well as exciting challenges with both family and friends. These shows offer a great opportunity to see how competing fishermen utilize their different styles while approaching the same body of water. Viewers learn from Scott and his guests while being entertained by the personalities, fishing tips, thrill of competition and more.

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youtube-icon32b.pngProfessional angler Scott Martin shows his secret tournament tips that will help improve your fishing skills. ShortCast videos (with over 100 to view) are only 1-2 minutes filled with Scott’s great fishing tips and product reviews. A special thanks to Engel CoolersBruiser Baits, River2Sea, Trokar and Okuma Fishing for helping make these videos possible.
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May is here and my crankbaits are ready to go... Crankbaits come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and there's a lot to learn about the different types of crankbaits, when to throw them, what colors to throw and the tackle to use.

Short Cast with Scott Martin

Posted by admin on January 21, 2011

The show that aired this week is now my favorite show of all time on the SMC. This is the show that I shot against Wade Middleton while he was on Lake falcon in Texas and I was on Lake Okeechobee here in Florida doing a one-on-one grudge match. Lake falcon and Lake Okeechobee are the two best lakes in the country right now and they both showed off during the show. You talk about two different looks on these lakes as Wade was far back in the flooded timber and I was stuck way back in the tall grass on Lake Okeechobee catching some big fish. Wade was chunking big spinner baits in cloudy Texas and I was surrounded by beautiful sunshine in South Florida on Lake Okeechobee throwing top water baits and flipping the heavy cover for big bass. I was nervous all week preparing for this show as I knew that I would have to catch a big bag of fish to beat Wade. I bet I checked the weather five times a day for a week straight just praying to God that the weather would hold up. The morning of the show the weather was beautiful. When I stepped into my boat start the match I was ready to go, I could hardly wait. Everything was great once we got on the water, the fish were biting and I was catching them good and so was Wade. They were biting so good that we made this show a two-part episode, it would've been a sin to stop this one short. I had a lot of fun on this show and I hope that we can do some more like this for this soon. So stay tuned for this episode and hopefully it will be one of your favorites too.